Seed to Succeed

A Program Serving Food, Ag & Lifestyle Nonprofits.
FLM Harvest

As part of our commitment to agriculture, food and rural lifestyle sectors, we launched Seed to Succeed, a pro bono program dedicated to helping nonprofits connected to these industries grow and thrive. We provide up to $75,000 in services to help select organizations tackle challenges related to management, strategic planning, communications or marketing.

Here’s an example of what we offer:

  • Management Consulting such as strategic planning, research or board development.
  • Creative including print, video or digital concepting and design.
  • Digital including website development, social media planning or search engine marketing plans.
  • Content including online strategy, blogs, or website copy.
  • Media engagement and buying for print or digital outlets.
  • Public Relations including media relations strategy, reputation management media training or influencer communications.

Hard costs such as video production, media placement, printing, agency personnel travel, etc., are available, but must be paid by the organization.

Seed to Succeed