FLM Harvest


As the FMC Authority® brand herbicide franchise grew in response to serving the needs of farmers who were fighting increasing weed resistance, it soon became a significant pillar of the FMC herbicide business and their growing product portfolio. Authority brand herbicides also became a clear target for rival companies seeking to increase their share in this highly competitive market. In order to protect and grow their Authority herbicide franchise, it was time to elevate their product offering as well as their marketing/communications strategy.


Market research showed that the farmers who use FMC products are its best advocates, and their experiences can impact the purchase decisions of other growers. The FLM Harvest team concepted a creative advertising campaign to share the stories and experiences of real farmers who keep their fields weed free by ruling them with the Authority herbicide line of products. Confident messaging, striking black and white images and honest testimonials shared the benefits of using five Authority brand herbicide products in a fresh and bold way.

The integrated Authority Ambassadors campaign included print, broadcast and digital advertising as well as earned media.