FLM Harvest

Based on 2014 South Dakota consumer research showing rising concerns about GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics and food safety, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council decided to take a leadership role in helping consumers better understand what happens on South Dakota farms. The research revealed that consumer perceptions around the issues were often distorted by misinformation spread through social media and food-fear marketing tactics. The checkoff organization decided it was time to counteract these messages with open and honest conversations about what really happens on local South Dakota farms.


One of the research insights revealed that, while consumers were skeptical of messaging delivered by America’s agricultural industry, they have a high degree of trust in farmers. With this in mind, FLM Harvest developed the Hungry for Truth initiative to unite farmers and consumers under a common goal of dispelling misinformation about how our food is grown and raised by gathering around the table. A fully integrated, multi-year advertising campaign was launched to engage consumers with South Dakota farm families to provide answers to their questions and concerns. The initiative utilized television, print, outdoor, public relations, digital, event marketing and social media to quickly raise awareness of Hungry for Truth.