FLM Harvest

JBS® USA is a leading processor of beef and pork in the U.S. and a majority shareholder of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, which is the second largest poultry company in America. Both companies are driven to be the best in all they do. In order to create a stronger future for employees, stakeholders and customers, JBS and Pilgrim’s set aggressive sustainability goals to accomplish by 2020 and documented them in comprehensive reports. 

They approached FLM Harvest with the challenge of helping them develop a reporting framework that was transparent, simple to update, and more sustainable to track annual progress toward achieving goals. 

Our teams worked together to develop a two-fold solution. The first involved transforming their original 150+ page reports into fluid-responsive and interactive microsites that illustrated their commitment to sustainability. These sites included bold images, animated infographics, written content plus stories and quotes from team members. The homepage gave visitors a snapshot of their progress, while robust navigation allowed users to dig deeper into the information via their own unique journeys.

The second included designing reports that could be printed or downloaded by stakeholders. One was a visually engaging, succinct executive summary that showcased achievements and stories in key areas. This could be shared with internal and external audiences to see progress at a glance. The other was a long-form, written report tailored specifically for investors.