FLM Harvest

As an emerging player in the fungicide category, FMC faced the challenge of low brand awareness and market share as it was poised to launch its first new fungicide in two years: Lucento® fungicide. The company needed help establishing recognition and credibility in the category in order to make it a successful introduction.

FMC and FLM Harvest worked together to develop a multifaceted approach that leveraged numerous touchpoints to reach growers, retailers and consultants.

The campaign was broken into two phases: pre- and post-EPA registration. The first phase tempered the marketplace for the necessity and functionality of Lucento fungicide in the 2019 season. Taking place in Q3 of 2018, phase one included discussions with growers, crop consultants, university researchers, retailers, distributors and other industry influencers to assess perceptions of the FMC fungicide portfolio and disease control needs. These conversations helped identify communications channels and content themes.

The second phase, which kicked off once Lucento fungicide received EPA registration in January 2019, introduced product promotions. This fully-integrated campaign consisted of:

  • Media relations/earned media
  • Owned media: social media and direct e-communications such as text messages, e-blasts and e-newsletters
  • Grower and retailer technical presentations
  • Fact sheets and technical materials/collateral
  • Trade show activations
  • Grower/retailer learning sessions and field days
  • Webinars
  • Podcast episodes

The wet 2019 growing season also led to the development of an in-season micro-campaign that drove targeted growers to a landing page where they could report their disease concerns via a short survey. FMC technical service managers collected the data to better understand the impact of crop diseases across the Midwest to strengthen marketing efforts moving forward.

In 2020, the creative campaign evolved to shine a light on Lucento fungicide’s highly systemic, translaminar activity in soybeans, peanuts and other crops.