FLM Harvest

Each year, the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) conducts consumer research to measure usage and attitudes about watermelons. Current food trends on whole animal/produce butchery (root to stem) and reducing food waste, combined with results from a consumer usage and attitudes study stating fresh watermelon was considered “too expensive,” revealed a timely opportunity to educate consumers on the value of watermelon – the whole watermelon – to drive purchases.

“Use the Whole Watermelon” launched as a way to leverage increasing food waste concerns and carve out a new perspective among consumers regarding the untapped value of the sometimes unwieldy watermelon. The integrated campaign turned watermelon on its head, empowering consumers to learn the basic watermelon “cuts” – flesh, juice, rind, fresh cuts – brush up their carving techniques and, of course, celebrate watermelon’s virtues as a 100 percent edible, compostable vessel and source of nourishment. From rind to flesh to juice, consumers were inspired to Use the Whole Watermelon in exciting ways year-round.