Creative: How Do We Do It?

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Print or digital, online or in-store, b-to-b or b-to-c, it’s creative deliverables clients trust to engage their audiences. Creative is the connective tissue that bridges strategy, tactics and results. It’s also the most elusive consideration in any product or brand campaign.

Many people presume the operative question that inspires art directors, copywriters, designers and other creative professionals to deliver their best work is “What if?” That’s certainly one way to arrive at unorthodox ideas, but more strategic, more successful creative solutions typically start by considering questions that begin “How?”

How effectively does this idea tell the client’s brand/product story?

Successful creative tactics tell stories that favor clarity over cleverness. Leaning on gimmicks necessitates additional back-and-forth between clients and their audiences. Clarity makes a more direct case for the features and benefits audiences need to understand.

How quickly does this idea communicate?

Nobody wants to have their time wasted by an advertisement. Effective creative respects the time and trouble of audiences who choose to engage with it.

How does this idea stand out?

It’s easy to drown in the sea of sameness associated with any market category. Strategic creative presents the familiar in fresh ways.

How will audiences respond to this idea?

From concept to call to action, strategic creative increases awareness and inspires audiences to do something worth measuring. A grin or nod of recognition is rarely enough. That’s why outcomes are our starting point.

How will this idea be executed?

There are production considerations associated with every creative idea. Budget and timing are just two of countless challenges professional creatives are up against on a regular basis. Addressing these challenges based on experience determines the quality of the final creative execution.

No question about it, quality creative makes a difference with clients and their stakeholders. How agencies produce that creative matters too. Asking “What if?” typically raises as many questions as it answers. Asking “How?” throughout the creative process typically results in work that more efficiently and more effectively addresses client and stakeholder priorities.

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