FLM Harvest Carves Up Fun at Watermelon.org

FLM Harvest

It’s always summer at Watermelon.org, the new website FLM Harvest recently developed for long-time client National Watermelon Promotion Board.

Watermelon.org is a hub for all things watermelon, from culinary inspiration like Watermelon Pie, to sharing watermelon’s journey from the field to counter.

The site’s uplifted design aesthetic delivers a tastier (pun intended) consumer user experience, with customized, playful animations and interactive pieces for audiences to engage with, keeping users on-site to follow a journey of discovery and ultimately trial.

Along with consumer visitors, the site serves Foodservice, Retail, Educators, Industry and Media audiences. Specific audience paths now guide these user groups to defined, smart sections of the website with tailored messaging and content.

“Few foods are as versatile, delicious AND beautiful as a watermelon,” said Matt Lunneborg, SVP Creative Lead at FLM Harvest. “Our team was incredibly excited with this assignment, knowing we would have tons of fun creating a gorgeous design tailored to each visitor’s experience.”



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