Forging Brand Trust Through Media Relations

FLM Harvest

Trust is the foundation for positive relationships whether they be personal or professional.

In times of uncertainty, consumers want to align with companies and brands that share their values and offer trust. Trust is the second most important factor in consumers’ decision to buy a new brand (53%) or to become a loyal customer (49%), trailing only price and affordability at 64%, according to the recent 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust. A year ago, brand trust ranked fifth in importance.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. Earned media is an impactful vehicle for establishing credibility and trust. The trust survey found advertising was avoided by nearly 70% of respondents and has only half the impact of earned media with people preferring to hear directly from technical experts or peers.

In the U.S. and Canada, 61% of people responding to the Edelman trust survey identified traditional media as their top trusted source of news outperforming search (54%), owned media (36%) and social media (29%). —2020 Edelman Trust Barometer  

How do you get the media to cover your company and talk with your experts?

As its name implies, “earned” media cannot be bought. It is earned on merit, relevance and authenticity. To gain positive media coverage for your company, it’s smart to work with experienced PR professionals who know your industry and have invested time nurturing relationships with the key reporters covering that sector. Fortified with a deep intellectual curiosity into the nuances of media and the stories they cover, PR pros help identify newsworthy topics and angles, create captivating media pitches, prepare spokespeople and coordinate interviews.

The demand and need for reliable and trusted news sources has never been greater with three-fourths of consumers worried about fake news. The trust survey also found 85% of respondents want brands to “solve my problems.” As journalists are overwhelmed covering COVID-19 stories on top of their regular beats, opportunities exist for companies to share how they are innovating and solving issues for customers.

At FLM Harvest, we help clients in the food, agriculture and rural lifestyle sectors gain coverage for their stories and thought leadership in targeted trade and consumer media. We know favorable media coverage is achieved through merit, and our PR team accomplishes this by becoming a trusted resource for media. Learn more about how we “Earn Trust With Editorial Gatekeepers”.



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