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Here at FLM Harvest, we feel fortunate every day to work with farmer-funded checkoff clients who are paving the way as leaders in agriculture.

You may not realize that checkoff programs, also known as agriculture promotion groups, collect funds from farmers who grow different types of crops including fruits, vegetables and even mushrooms. In turn, they invest that money in research and promotion programs to increase their value to consumers.

To accomplish their goals, checkoff boards work with local universities, organizations, businesses and educational programs. Some even award scholarships. In short, farmers and their checkoffs support the bedrock of their communities, while championing a more vibrant, healthy food system for all.

We happen to think that’s pretty cool.

That’s why we’re proud to establish the Ultimate Collaboration, a grassroots initiative to raise awareness and support for the positive impact checkoffs have on our society. We’ll be profiling farmers and generating content for a wider conversation about their role in modern agriculture.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from farmers, like Dale Norton, a pork producer from Michigan.

“Because it is farmer money that’s used, it has a special value to farmers,” said Dale. The checkoff dollars he contributes to National Pork Board help fund initiatives like We Care to uphold ethical principles in the industry.

Hear more of what he has to say by visiting the Ultimate Collaboration and watching videos.



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