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At FLM Harvest, we believe in investing in the future talent of the industries we serve. Our internship program is a great way to give college students hands-on experience and a sneak peek into the agency setting.

Each year, we choose students from across the nation to join one of our teams and work side-by-side with our full-time team members. Areas of focus include account management, creative, project management, digital services and management consulting. The 14-week internship provides a 360-degree view of the work we do, the opportunity to present a new business pitch and the chance to interact with our clients.

Week one of the program is spent in Minneapolis where the interns get to know the agency and each other. By week two, however, it’s full steam ahead as they dive into client work and get started on the team project.

Our program is designed to fully integrate interns across the agency and give them a real-life experience they can carry forward in their future careers.

Hear from the 2018 interns about their summer with FLM Harvest:


Name: Natalie Chevalier
Internship Area: Project Management
College + Major: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Strategic Communications & Entrepreneurship

I’ve always wanted to work in an environment that would allow me to hit the ground running, and FLM Harvest provided that from the get-go. As a project management intern, I managed campaign projects by myself and shared my ideas with confidence. This isn’t your stereotypical ‘scan documents and fetch me coffee’ internship. It’s one where interns are fully integrated into the work of the agency and are challenged to not only learn from the talented people here, but contribute their own ideas and apply themselves like any other team member.

Name: Laine Honegger
Internship Area: Account Management
College + Major: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Throughout my internship with FLM Harvest, I had the opportunity to work on different accounts and projects. Whether participating in client calls or writing content for social media, I truly felt like my ideas and suggestions were valued. I really enjoyed the opportunity I had to travel with my talent lead, meet with a client and experience what it’s like to be an account executive. To me, this shows that FLM Harvest is dedicated to giving their interns opportunities to truly learn what it’s like to work in an agency.

Name: Morghan Davison
Internship Area: Digital Services
College + Major: Iowa State University, Agricultural Studies With a Journalism and Mass Communications Minor

At FLM Harvest, I worked side-by-side with the digital and social media team. I was given the reins to write content for and post to FLM Harvest’s social media accounts, which made feel like a trusted and valuable member of the team. I’ve learned how social media planning works and a variety of strategies that can be used to elicit engagement on all social media channels. The content team also gave me the opportunity to get creative and write blogs for FLM Harvest’s website. I truly enjoyed my experience with FLM Harvest while doing what I’m passionate about.

Name: Alexis M. Murillo
Internship Area: Account Management
College + Major: University of Minnesota, Agricultural Communications and Marketing

I love how as interns we are treated like we’ve been here just as long as anyone else. Whether that is allowing us to travel for work or participate in client meetings, it has helped me personally in the learning process. One of the things I really enjoyed during my time here was seeing how an FMC radio commercial was produced. I also enjoyed participating in the FMC download meeting where I learned a lot about 3RIVE 3D®, one of FMC’s products.

Name: Sydney Sarel
Internship Area: Creative
College + Major: Iowa State University, Graphic Design and a Minor in Advertising

I really enjoyed working on the creative team and learning from everyone. They taught me how to creatively problem solve while maintaining a high level of efficiency. The working environment is open and allowed for collaboration on projects, which I really enjoy. I have gotten to work on many different projects, which helped me diversify my skills as a designer.


Name: Megan Parsons
Internship Area: Account Management
College + Major: University of Kentucky, Community and Leadership Development With an Emphasis in Agricultural Communication and a Minor in Journalism

From day one, I was asked to complete tasks that made me feel like a full-time team member. I love walking into work each day and having different tasks. The people at FLM Harvest strived to make this experience great. I have conducted research, participated in client meetings, assisted with new business and helped to develop marketing materials from the client perspective.


Name: Travis Whitt
Internship Area: Management Consulting
College + Major: The Ohio State University, Finance and Accounting

Throughout my internship, I’ve been actively involved in many different work areas. The Indianapolis office let me engage in client meetings, sit in on brainstorming sessions and research entire projects on my own. I’ve worked with numerous companies and gotten exposure to familiar areas as well as new ones I’ve never been exposed to before. FLM Harvest has been an awesome experience!



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