Internal Communications: A Two-Way Highway

FLM Harvest

Among the lessons we’ve learned and are still learning as the unparalleled events of 2020 continue to shape our professional and personal lives, one of the most important is the need for well-crafted communications within our businesses. Employees are dealing with new emotions and fears, and leaders are delivering messages they’ve never had to deliver before. FLM Harvest understands the importance of regular and appropriate internal communication in good times but especially in bad times.

Along with communicating critical information to employees, it’s also more important than ever to offer colleagues at all levels of an organization the opportunity to speak their minds. It is critical for senior management to listen to employees’ views and to respond quickly, clearly and compassionately. No matter the impetus, internal communications is about conveying change to employees in a way that helps team members deal with that change in a positive way. Never before has internal communications taken on such a critical role in the success of an organization.

At FLM Harvest, our team looks at the big picture of internal communications, keeping in mind how what an organization says to its team directly affects the overall culture of that company. We know that employees are all company spokespeople, so a well-planned internal comms program not only enhances the company’s culture, it also helps make that organization the place where the best in the field want to work. Through our work with companies large and small, the PR team at FLM Harvest has identified the critical do’s organizations need to follow to implement and maintain solid, manageable internal communications programs. Read more about our POV.

We’re here to support you in crafting your internal communications plan and your messages with the right tone to help keep your teams engaged and encouraged. Get in touch. Change, no matter the cause, offers different pathways to success, and we’re here to help you tell your new success story.



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