Let it Go and Go Forward

FLM Harvest

On April 1, I started journaling. Two weeks into the pandemic shutdown, I knew I wanted to capture the intense moments upending our lives and wreaking havoc on industries and businesses. Most of all, I began journaling because, like many, I had no sense of control. Dumping my thoughts onto paper every day not only eased a bit of the stress, but also gave me clarity and purpose in my work and personal life.

Now, as we approach the end of the year, it’s a natural time for all of us to reflect. I’m looking back on my journal and finding a few themes that truly resonate with me. They helped me get through 2020 and are a foundation for me as I look ahead to 2021 and beyond.

The first theme: Let it go. Let go of what used to be normal because it will never be that way again. Let go of trying to make everything perfect because, in 2020, that’s impossible. Let go as best you can. Stop worrying over things not within your ability to control. Worrying only begets more worrying. Worry is energy wasted.

The second theme: Go forward. Flipping through my journal, I found a quote from Einstein I scribbled along the side of a page: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” That’s 2020 for me and 2021 for that matter. Keep your eyes on the front wheel and the path ahead. The only way to go is forward.

That’s what we did at FLM Harvest this past year. Our team members quickly adjusted and kept showing up in new and exciting ways. Because, for our clients, nearly every aspect of their supply chains were reset or reprioritized. We had to help clients marketing to restaurants and other foodservice segments pivot to grocery. We counselled sales teams on shifting from in-person business development to virtual. We transformed live events into elaborate videos. We reshaped marketing budgets emphasizing online engagement. Our previously planned in-person food media tours became cooking demos over Zoom.

Our team did it all with a sense of balance and a strong desire to keep our momentum going. Some of our greatest work came out this year.

I’m also proud of how our team worked collectively with a sense of authenticity, compassion and empathy. We were okay if things got messy, and we always centered ourselves on the gratitude we had for each other and our clients. When civil unrest gripped the cities we live and work in, we took time to listen to one another to ensure each of us were seen and heard. As summer ended and it became obvious most kids would be learning from home, team members formed a support group for working parents. As I watched this unfold throughout the year, I was filled with gratitude.

To everyone who is part of the FLM Harvest family – employees, clients, advisors, colleagues, peers and competitors – we’re grateful for you as well and appreciate being on this journey with you.

So, as we close the books on 2020, we all now ask is 2021 going to be that different? At least for the first few months, probably not. That only makes it more essential that we strive to let go and be forward thinking. As for me, I’m also going to keep journaling.




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