Peanuts and Fermentation Captivate Chefs

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We love working with creative clients who inspire us to deliver unique experiences. It’s especially fun in the food industry where exploring flavors and textures delivers unexpected results. Recently, we connected our client, Southern Peanut Growers (SPG), with local Minneapolis chefs to create a learning opportunity that appealed to minds and palates.

Since we don’t get the opportunity to hang out with the nation’s up-and-coming women chefs every day, we decided to make the SPG-sponsored session at the 2018 Women Chefs & Restaurateurs a memorable one. What could be better than exploring fermentation, a centuries-old preservation method that’s experiencing a resurgence on the food scene?

To bring the PB & F(ermentation) session to life, we tapped local Minneapolis chef/owners Mel and Ky Guse of GYST Fermentation Bar to share the history, stories and secrets of fermentation. Turns out, the unctuousness of peanuts is the perfect complement to the acidity and fruity flavors created through fermentation.

Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the combination on several occasions with these peanut-inspired food and beverages:

  • Carver’s Mai Tai, which featured Elmhurst Milked Peanuts orgeat with rum, bitters, caramelized pineapple and vanilla syrup.
  • GYST’s“The Sandor,” an open-faced sandwich with peanut butter, house-made kimchi, green onions and peanuts exploding with flavors and textures.
  • Strawberry Shrub Italian Soda, made with GYST’s house-made rosé vinegar, soda water and topped with ice and Elmhurst Milked Peanuts.

In addition to the PB & F(ermentation) session, the chefs heard peanut’s sustainability story and learned about the latest research on peanut allergies.

Staying on top of the latest trends and creating memorable experiences for our clients are two of our favorite parts of serving the food industry. Check out another time when we focused on going low wasteand get tips for your next event.



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