Stockdale’s Makes Long-Term Commitment With FLM Harvest

FLM Harvest

Stockdale’s – known as “America’s Rural Outfitter” – today announces it has committed to a long-term partnership with FLM Harvest to develop and execute a broad marketing and communications strategy that will deepen the retailer’s connection with its target farmer and rural communities.

Since opening its first store in 2006, Stockdale’s has expanded to six locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, becoming the shopping destination of choice for farm supplies, outdoor adventures and premium clothing brands. For the past three years, FLM Harvest has provided project support including research, strategy and advertising.

Stockdale’s, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, noted that FLM Harvest’s proven ability to understand both farmer and rural consumers has played a key role in its decision to expand into a long-term client/agency relationship.

“As our business grows, we need to work with an agency that understands the connection points between farmers and people in communities who enjoy living the rural lifestyle. FLM Harvest is that partner. Their ability to conduct research and use data to drive sales goes beyond traditional advertising,” said Bart Krisle, Stockdale’s chief executive officer. “We’re pleased to continue our relationship.”

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great company devoted to serving local communities and rural living,” added Rob McClelland, FLM Harvest president and chief executive officer. “This relationship is a testament to the fact that if you start with good people, a strong vision and a strategy that’s grounded in truth, growth and opportunities follow.”

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