What’s in a Brand?

FLM Harvest

There’s more to your brand than your logo. There’s more to it than your tagline, website or latest product advertising, too. Your brand is a culmination of feelings, ideas and experiences customers associate with your products and people.

Your brand should be as living and breathing and ever-evolving as the customers you serve.

This is a topic we’ve given a lot of thought in recent months. When FLM+ and Harvest merged into a single agency at the end of 2017, we saw it as an opportunity to revisit our organization’s mission and vision, not to mention how we present ourselves to the world.

Grounded in truth.

When it was time for us to rebrand our agency, we engaged internal and external stakeholders. We crafted, tested, refined key messages until they were crystal clear. We researched what was working well for others and where the opportunities existed to carve out our own space.

In other words, we scrapped a lot of thinking even before we started scrapping logo options. It didn’t take hours to get to the truth of what we offer clients. Or days. Or weeks. It took months.

Once we had a mission and a vision we felt we owned, we turned them over to our designers. They, in turn, explored an enormous range of visual articulations aligned with our new messaging.

Making magic.

Our designers searched far and wide for that special something that was simple and classic to bring our two agencies together into one. That makes it sound a lot simpler than it actually was.

They created and combined piles of marks, types and colors before they finally arrived at the logo on this website you’re reading right now. In fact, they arrived at two new logos.

One logo spells out our agency name in clean, elegant typography. Our other mark combines our agency’s initials orbiting an evocative X that you might say represents the intersection where Wide open thinking™ meets grounded in truth.

That X factor is especially apt if you know how we go about our business around here.

See the difference.

Some things can’t be put into words. That’s where our bold new brand color comes in. Or yours. Orange stimulates feelings of energy, balance and warmth. It exudes confidence, friendliness and strength.

You don’t have to take our word for it. The folks at Pantone say so.

A color can only reinforce the feelings, ideas and experiences people associate with your brand, but if you choose your Pantone chip wisely, it can help you truly own those brand impressions.

That’s why we chose Pantone 171. We’re the agency embodiment of all the things Pantone claims orange represents.

Believe it or not, this blog post isn’t all about our new brand. It’s about every brand we work on at FLM Harvest. We thought you might like to know what goes into what we deliver on a daily basis.



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